Professional multi-risk insurance “Special Construction Craftsman’s Plan”

Tiler, painter, mason, carpenter, roofer, electrician, carpenter, locksmith, plumber… The list of building craftsmen is long.

Do you practice a profession from this list? At AXA, we have also thought of you. To this en we have set up a professional multi-risk insurance specially designed for you, a building craftsman. This insurance takes into consideration all the specificities of your field of activity, such as the ten-year guarantee, your health insurance and that of all your employees.

Get more details about theProfessional Multi-risk insurance “Special Construction Craftsman’s Plan”: get in touch with our AXA advisers in Monaco.

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AXA supports you

Insurance and guarantees designed and considered for your construction company, this is what our AXA agency in Monaco offers you. Our advisers are at your service to help you select the best guarantees and benefits.

When does the Special Construction Craftsman’s Plan help you?

Building craftsmen carry out construction and renovation work. To carry out all your projects, it is essential to protect them against any risk that could damage your work equipment, your premises or your property, and cause significant expenses and costs.

Theft or water damage, damage to equipment… the professional multi-risk insurance “Special Construction Craftsman’s Plan” takes all these risks into account and offers you many other guarantees, such as ten-year insurance and health cover.

AXA construction craftsman’s insurance:

guarantees for all situations

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You can even combine several guarantees and insurances through a single contract: discover the professional multi-risk insurance which includes your professional third-party liability as well as cover for your premises, your material, your equipment and your professional property.