Insurance for life accidents

and work accidents

Whether at home or outside, you are exposing yourself to everyday accident risks. From a simple scratch with a kitchen knife to a sprain obtained while you are out jogging, to total immobilization due to a great effort … These accidents of varying severity can cause personal injury and have financial consequences.

Because our daily lives are changing, today we are more likely to connect to and surf the Internet. Our insurance covers you in this regard too.

Protect yourself against the accidents of everyday life and the small instances of bad luck in everyday life: take out an insurance contract that covers you every day.


AXA supports you

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Insurance against accidents of life:

guarantees against cyber risks

Internet: the new threat to the economy. When you browse or outsource your data, you face cyber risks that you may not have suspected: hacking, data theft, identity theft … Protect yourself from malicious attacks by cybercriminals with our life accident insurance and its option “cyber risk guarantees“, which covers you and your whole family.

The right to be forgotten may arise for you as as part of damage to your online reputation. All we need to do is clean the data.

Do you need information on your rights or advice on how to do this? There are lawyers at your disposal if necessary.

Are you involved in a legal dispute? We can pay attorney fees, conditions apply.

Protecting your person also involves occupational accident insurance

You have just suffered an accident or hospitalization. As a result, you have been put on sick leave or disabled, and you are not familiar with the formalities required to be compensated. To receive a daily compensation, you must put together a file to declare your situation.

Need help with the procedures? Get in touch with our AXA advisers.

Our other personal insurance

Because AXA is active on all fronts and equipped to meet all your needs, we also offer other solutions and insurance for individuals.

  • Complementary health
  • retirement savings
  • Retirement insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Provident plans

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Our other insurances for the private sector: