Professional legal protection in Monaco

Any activity involves or may entail risks that could harm your business and you individually as a manager.

In case of professional litigation, be protected against legal risks: take out professional legal protection.

Discover our different forms of protection insurance, their characteristics and advantages, and contact our AXA agency in Monaco to find out about our prices or make an appointment with one of our advisers.

We will gladly inform you of all the insurance policies for third-party liability and the multi-risk pro plans that may be of interest to you and your business.


AXA supports you

There are numerous offers of guarantees and advantages to best meet your specific needs. Our AXA professionals help you identify the risks you face in order to select the most suitable insurance for your field of activity.

Why take out professional legal protection?

A customer has not paid you, an employee accuses you of unfair dismissal, your supplier has failed in his delivery deadlines, which caused you to lose a customer, an unhappy customer criticizes your business on the Internet, you have a dispute with one of your employees… All of these situations involve litigation. To deal with them efficiently and calmly, you can rely on the professional legal protection that covers you.

Whether you need advice, legal defence, information and legal aid in your endeavours, or payment of legal costs and lawyer fees to get you out of legal proceedings or litigation, you can rely on AXA and its insurance contracts.

AXA plans for professional legal protection

AXA offers you three forms of professional legal protection, ranging from legal aid to the founding of a business, including cover in the event of legal action, defence of your online reputation as well as protection under criminal law.

Need support with the steps for founding your business and to know your rights and obligations? Choose the Resoluo Pro Perspective plan.

Are you involved in a legal dispute or are you the victim of unfair competition? Choose Resoluo Pro Balance protection instead.

Do you prefer to plan ahead and seek to protect yourself from as many legal disputes as possible? Then Resoluo Pro Scope, an integral plan, is made for you.

Undecided, can’t make up your mind? Benefit from our expertise: contact us.