Art insurance:

protect all your assets with AXA Art

Art lover or collector of works of art, private individual or expert professional, you have art or valuables and, of course, you want to keep them. Because they are exceptional and you like to take care of them, it is a good idea to insure them. Then take out art insurance that protects all your assets: choose AXA Art.

Who are our insurance policies for? What do they cover? What should be insured? Our AXA insurers, and advisers above all, answer all your questions at our agency in Monaco.

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AXA supports you

Are you having trouble choosing the insurance contract that suits you? Trust the professionals at our agency, who will explain every detail of our contracts and plans in Monaco to you.

Art insurance:

for whom?

Our art insurance is for everyone owner of valuable work.

  • Private clients: amateurs or enthusiasts of works of art and collectibles or jewellery, owners of valuable movable and real estate heritage …
  • Companies with collections of works of art for professional purposes
  • Museums and exhibitions: organizers of temporary or permanent exhibitions
  • Art professionals: galleries, artists, antique dealers, art photographers, restorers, foundations, communities …

Store your works with peace of mind, in France and around the world. Know your heritage in the shelter. Protect them from the risk of theft or damage.


What does art insurance cover?

Jewellery, homes, furniture, watches, works of art, cars, collections… Our art insurance covers all of your assets as well as all your movable and immovable property of great value.

Depending on the options you choose, this can insure you against all risks of loss, theft, damage, breakage, fire, water damage, disasters and accidents.

Choose the options and guarantees that suit you. Take the time to take out the tailor-made insurance that suits you with AXA.